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Recent publications (selected)

Rosen, S*., Singer, C*., Vaknin, S., Kaim, A., Makori, A., Goldberg, N., Rad, M., Gitman, S., Luxenburg, O.,& Saban, M. Inappropriate CT examinations: How much, Who and Where?Insights from a clinical decision support system (CDSS) analysis. (2023).  European radiology


Rosen, S., & Saban, M. Evaluating the Reliability of ChatGPT as a Tool for Imaging Test Referral: A Comparative Study with a Clinical Decision Support System. (2023). European radiology


Rosen, S., & Saban, M. Can ChatGPT assist with the initial triage? A Case Study of Stroke in Young Females. (2023). International Journal of emergency nursing


Luxenburg, O., Morgenstein, T., Myers, V., Saban, M., Shemer J & Wilf-Miron, R. Priority setting for health technology adoption at the national level: Lessons learned over 25 years’ experience. (2023). International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care


Saban, M. Harnessing the Power of Structured Reporting in Oncology: Overcoming Barriers Through Multidisciplinary Collaboration and Digital Innovation.(2023). European radiology


Givaty, G., Ovadia, Y, & Saban, M. Insights from the nearest Israeli hospital to the Gaza strip. (2023). The Lancet


Saban, M. When Humanity and Hostility Collide: The Debate Over Caring for Combatants. (2023). Public Health journal


Singer, C*.,  Luxenburg O*., Rosen, S., Vaknin, S., & Saban M. Advancing Acceptance: Assessing Acceptance of the ESR iGuide

Clinical Decision Support System for Improved Computed Tomography Test Justification. (2023). Frontiers in Medicine


Saban, M., Lutski, M., Zucker, I., Segev, Y., Dotan, S., Uziel, M., Ben-Moshe, D., Israel A., Vinker, S., Golan-Cohen, A., Laufer, I., & Merzon, E. Identifying diabetes related-complications in a real-world free text electronic medical records in Hebrew using natural language processing techniques. (2024). Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

Siton, A., Videl, H., Levin, H., Cohen, R.,& Saban, M. (2024). A Long-Term Analysis of Functional and Quality of Life Outcomes in Spinal Surgery Patients. European Spine Journal

Kivity, S., Rajuan, A., Arbeli, S., Alcalay, S., Shiri, L., Orvieto, N., Alon, Y., & Saban M. (2024). Optimizing Wound Monitoring: Can Digital Tools Improve Healing Outcomes and Clinic Efficiency. Journal of Clinical Nursing

Shamir-Stein, N., Feldblum, I., Rotman, E., Cohen, S., Brand, E, Kivity, S., & Saban M. (2024). Initial insights into physical and mental health on the backdrop of war: Key findings from a preliminary survey. Journal Of Community Health

Saban, M., & Dubovi, I. (2024). A Comparative Vignette Study: Evaluating the Potential Role of a Generative AI Model in Enhancing Clinical Decision-Making in Nursing. Journal of Advance Nursing

Levin, C., Kagan, T., Rosen, S., & Saban, M. (2024). An Evaluation of the Capabilities of Language Models and Nurses in Providing Neonatal Clinical Decision Support. International Journal of Nursing Studies

Recent Awarded and Grants

Prof. Raphael Rozin Prize, "Investigating the Impact of Immobilization on Non-Exacerbation of Grade 3-4 Buttock Pressure Sores" (collaboration with Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital)

Recent presentation

Presenting in RSNA (Non 30, 2023):  Evaluating the Reliability of ChatGPT as a Tool for Imaging Test Referral: A Comparative Study with a Clinical Decision Support System:

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